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Whether you are looking to fine tune or transform your body, HYPOXI has the right membership package to help you achieve your goals.

We have a number of different memberships available to suit different goals. We can set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debits; you can pay your membership in full; pay part upfront and put the rest in direct debits; or we now have 12 month interest free payment plans available through ZipMoney (see below for more information).

*Single sessions = Bike or Treadmill only   /   Combo sessions = Massage included for cellulite, skin tone and 30% greater fat loss


Short-term Memberships:

HYPOXI Newcastle: membership prices for easy weight loss



1 MONTH:  a quick body tune-up, your clothes fit much better, you feel better, reduce cellulite and improve skin tone

2 & 3 MONTHS:  you'll see much more noticeable changes, you lose dress sizes, greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite and visibly improve skin tone





long-term memberships:

HYPOXI Newcastle: membership prices for fast fat loss


You're only committing to 2 sessions per week as we understand it may not be realistic to do 3 long-term. But, for any periods where you'd like to do HYPOXI intensively and speed your results again, you can add in a third visit at the price per session of your chosen membership.

6 & 12 MONTHS: allows you to completely change your body. At 2 sessions a week you can maintain your new shape effortlessly no matter what life throws at you.


*With all memberships you have the option to put them on hold for 4-8 weeks if you're going away or if life gets crazy. Extra weeks are just $5.

*All sessions last for 12 months, 18 months with HYPOXI BODY, so if you can't use them all each week they will roll over to use when it suits you.