HYPOXI was developed by Austrian sport scientist Dr Egger, way back in 1997. He knew that fat was burned more effectively in areas where the tissues are well supplied with blood; and above all, fat is burned by movement.

So, he set about developing the HYPOXI training method. A revolutionary product combining circulation enhancing technology with fat burning exercise.

Dr Egger and his team believe in solid empirical evidence and undertook a landmark study testing HYPOXI with  530 women. The results were so profound HYPOXI was launched into production that same year. HYPOXI has proven to be so effective there are now studios in over 50 countries worldwide.

HYPOXI was launched in Australia in 2005 after one of the founders lost 18kg with HYPOXI in London. What started with a single studio has now grown to over 80 Australia wide, testament to the amazing results that clients are achieving.




I struggled from a young age to shift stubborn fat from my lower half. Any weight loss would be from my upper body and only after unsustainable diet and exercise regimes - leaving me disproportionate and still nothing budged from the areas that bothered me the most. After finishing a popular 12 week exercise program and still not seeing the centimetres shift, I decided to try HYPOXI.

In my first four weeks I saw dramatic results, all in the areas that I could never change; my hips, bum and thighs. HYPOXI completely changed my body shape. The exercise was too easy to be true and with no strict diets I could just eat healthily like a normal human being. Mind = blown!

I set about opening my own studio straight away and operated in Maitland for 2 years. When the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to relocate to my home town of Newcastle mid 2015.

As a qualified Naturopath and Western Herbal Medicine practitioner my focus is on your health. No fads, no 30 day plans and shakes. We can work through any obstacles to your health and weight loss and achieve sustainable results in the areas that bother you the most. 

The studio is a comfortable, private environment. With no more than 2 or 3 clients in at a time, you can enjoy some down-time all while re-shaping your body. Whether you're at the beginning of a big weight loss journey, or you're just trying to shift those last few centimetres, HYPOXI can help you reach your goals and I'd love to help you along the way.


Kristie  x x

2015 HYPOXI national Learning & Development award for HYPOXI Studio Newcastle


Kristie is amazing, answered every question I threw at her, made me feel comfortable & after only one week of sessions with the HD I saw incredible results.
— Kiera
Kristie has gone above & beyond to help me reach my goals & I couldn’t be happier with the service she has provided. If you have been thinking about giving Hypoxi a whirl you won’t regret it.
— Sara
Highly recommend HYPOXI! Kristie is very lovely and welcoming, feeling great after every session, most fun I’ve had exercising!
— Bec



HYPOXI has received acclaim from these national publications plus many more: