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You're eating well and exercising. Following your plan... But, can you tell if you're getting the results you're after?

There's nothing more disheartening than having no idea if you're heading in the right direction. So... how do you know if you're making progress? Well, there's the old, not so accurate ways, and then there's 3D body scans.






Weight on its own isn’t very useful. Are you gaining muscle or fat? Losing muscle or fat? Are your hormones making you hold fluid? Body fat percentage calculations on scales aren’t highly accurate.


It’s super hard to provide highly accurate measures and you’re only measuring a handful of spots. What about the rest of your body and overall shape changes?


It’s really hard to recreate the same angle, distance from camera and lighting to give accuracy. Plus, you’re only getting 2D images from limited angles.


These old methods are time consuming, inaccurate and frustrating. When you’re putting in the effort you need a way to accurately track how your body is changing. You need to know if your diet and exercise is having the effect you want. If you can’t tell whether you’re progressing or not, it’s easy to get discouraged, confused and fall off the wagon.




You’ll not only get your weight but also your total fat mass, total lean mass and body fat percentage so you can see what’s contributing to the weight changes. You also get a number of wellness measures to track how your progress is impacting your risk factors for lifestyle disease.

Over 30 highly accurate circumference measures from your neck to your calves, you’ll also get the total volume of your different limbs and torso to see the overall size changes.


The star of the scan data is the 3D images of your body. You can rotate current and previous scans side by side to see exactly where you’re making progress. With 360 degree views you can see exactly how your body is changing.

The scans take less than 60 seconds to complete, so you can re-scan often to keep yourself accountable (the studio is open extended hours).




Below are example images of some of the information you get with your scans. Please note, you will be able to set your account to Metric (rather than US measures) so you'll see your weight in kilograms and measurements in centimetres (rather than pounds and inches).


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Can you see my scan images? No, not unless you manually give us access to the images. Your scan data is completely confidential and will never be shared without your consent.

What do I wear for my scan? We recommend wearing close fitting underwear for your scan (the scanner is in a private room). This way the measurements are taken off your skin, rather than your clothes and the 3D model will show you much more detail to use for tracking your progress.

How do the scans work? The camera captures thousands of images while you’re on the turntable, it uploads this information to the Fit3D processing centre online where it forms them into your 3D avatar and works out your measurements and progress data.

How long does it take? The scan itself takes only 40 seconds and your results will be emailed to you in 5-10 minutes. All of your data is stored in your free Fit3D account online so you can view it anytime, anywhere. The studio is open (by appointment) 7am-late on weekdays and 8am-2pm on Saturdays so you’ve got plenty of options to find a time that suits to do your scan.

How accurate are the scans? The circumference measurements are accurate within a quarter of an inch (6mm) which is far more accurate than a tape measure!

Is it safe? Yes. The scanner uses the same technology as a Microsoft Kinekt to capture your measurements and is completely safe.